computer vision developer

Job Description

Develop and test vision algorithms to control robots and advanced hardware systems created for human interaction environments. • Develop and evaluate state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms for real-time control of robots and other hardware devices. • Port, implement, and optimize analytics and machine learning algorithms using special purpose computing architectures. • Propose and implement creative, efficient solutions for vision and control problems, and contribute to expanding our


Computer vision engineers often have skills working with linear algebra math libraries and other similar computer vision libraries. They will need to have various software skills in the areas of data base management, development environment, and component or object oriented software. Analytical and critical-thinking skills are important because these engineers work on complex problems and must be able to analyze results for making accurate conclusions. Logical thinking, clear reasoning, and bein

Education + Experience

Master's degree Fluency in C++, OpenCV and PCL. • Experience in 3D computer vision and video analytics algorithms, such as image segmentation, 3d reconstruction, object and motion detection, tracking and classification. • Experience in machine learning algorithms for vision problems, including deep learning. • Experience in real-time video analytics pipeline.


Machine Learning

Job Summary

  • Posted on: 16-Mar-2021
  • Vacancy:1
  • Job Type:Full Time
  • Experience: 3-5 Years
  • Salary:

    ₹0.00 - ₹0.00 (Lakhs)

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About the Company

  • Company Name: IFCAST
  • Address:
  • Contact Person:7447447016
  • Website:
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