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iFCast is a one-of-a-kind job portal for recruiters and job seekers to find their dream job or a great hire. As recruiting and applying for jobs is a perpetual process, it takes a robust platform to post jobs and hire the best talent from all over the globe.

It is an exceptional opportunity for employers to showcase their company on a global platform and take-in the best talent with a significantly reduced time. If you’re a job seeker, then it gives you the best platform to get hired by the best companies and work with industry leaders. At iFCast, you get to achieve all of that through a simple registration process that takes you one step closer to your dream job or hire.

iFCast has collaborated with NIBT, a world-renowned training institution of the AEC industry to provide a greater boost and work in synergies to get onboard the best companies and talent on iFCast. We invite you to be a part of this story.

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Our Core Values - ARRCC

iFCast Consulting was built on 5 strong pillars - ARRCC. These core values have carved a niche for our hiring decisions and the path we walk on to add value for our dreamers and enablers.


Good consulting means doing what we promise. We help guarantee client expectations are met through robust accountability and a dedicated team of individuals.


This is the first and foremost value that we engage upon, and has proved to be an essential differentiator between ordinary and great. We are committed to our responsibility as we know, no amount of great skill can replace the virtue of commitment for our dreamers and enablers.


Every project or client is new, and they do trust us with their business values. Their trust to get the job done and our commitment to get the right talent is what separates us from the ordinary.


As individuals and a team, we do excel at building the best services for dreamers and enablers whilst bridging the gap for core placement requirements.


As placement entities, we are exuberant in providing the best hires or talent who exhibit strong character and integrity, with professional skills and dedication for our enablers.

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“Thanks a lot. I am glad I got this opportunity to work with you all. iFCast has been extremely professional and has helped me in more ways than one. The things I have learned alongside you will go a long way in shaping my career. For that I am grateful.”

Chandu Kumar

“Hi, I am an MBA in marketing Stream. Although, I had many opportunities in other faculties through my college placement, still, I didn't accept the proposals because I was not interested in joining those firms, as I was interested in a marketing firm, so iFCast helped me to choose the better path and bright future. So, Thank you so much to iFCast, for assisting me out up to this extent.”

Ayushamaan Sahu

“As a job seeker I was looking for the right portal and consultancy to solve my career issues. I did opt for one of their premium services, and it gave me value for money. The team at iFCast is really good at what they deliver.”

Sagar Kadve

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